Meet Our Kids

Dan Dec 2019


Dan is 18, and he's about to go into his last term of secondary school. He will be the first of our project to finish his A levels and head into the world of work. Dan likes music, fashion, cooking and reading books. He's recently won an opportunity to work in the kitchens at a luxury hotel in Entebbe which he's loving every minute of.

David Dec 2019


David is 18, and likes football, reading, music, running, cooking and eating. He's keen to run the Uganda marathon in 2020 so look out for an opportunity to sponsor him soon!

Deigo Dec 2019


Diego is 17. He likes playing tennis and the piano, and plays a key role in the youth team at his church, Calvary Chapel in Kampala.

Mike Dec 2019


Mike is 17 and loves music, reading, and volunteering to help others less fortunate. His favourite subject at school is geography.

Nazifah Dec 2019


Nazifah is 11, and the youngest in our project - although she's very much able to stand her ground with the boys! Nazifah likes reading, drawing and spending time with the rest of the Craft Aid family.

Noreen Dec 2019


Noreen is one of only two girls in our project. She's 15, and loves reading, dancing, as well as helping around the house. Her favourite subject at school is chemistry.

Nsumba Dec 2019


Nsumba is the oldest of our Ugandan family - he's18, and his favourite things are football, football and... well, football. Nsumba is football mad, and a very talented goalkeeper. He's steadily making his way through the Kampala squads, and we're hoping that he'll soon be picked for the Uganda national team.

Rashid Dec 2019


Rashid is 15, and loves acrobatics, basketball, reading and eating! His favourite subject is maths and he consistently gets the best marks at school. Last term he finished 3rd in his year - ahead of 272 other pupils!