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Meet The Team

CraftAidUK is a small organisation by design. By staying this way, we can make sure that we can always deliver what our children need, and that every penny donated to us goes to help those in need - no one takes a salary, and our expenses are covered personally, not by the charity.

An image showing Lara, co-founder of Craft Aid UK


Lara is the driving force behind CraftAidUK, having had the initial idea back in 2009 and having worked tirelessly ever since to make sure we're doing everything we can for our family in Uganda. She speaks to our team in Uganda on a daily basis and ensures everything is kept on track. 

By day, Lara works as the Director of Production for Aurora Media Worldwide, and travels around the world working on their many projects.

An image showing David, co-founder of Craft Aid UK


David is Lara's husband, and works alongside her to ensure the Charity's success, looking after the day to day administration and finances - and also helping to keep the kids on track whenever needed.

David works full time as a lighting designer, most notably for the UK's "Strictly Come Dancing".

An image showing Alexa


Alexa looks after the day to day running of our project in Kampala, and takes care of the kids when they're home from boarding school. Alexa has two children Leila and Faith and does an excellent job of looking after them along with the rest of the CraftAidUK kids!

An image showing Hannington


Hannington is a long-time friend of Lara and David, whom they met within days of setting foot in Uganda for the first time. Over the past years, Hannington has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals with CraftAidUK, and has been an avid supporter. All this combined to make him the obvious choice to look after our interests in-country and he now heads up all the day-to-day business in Uganda, and is always ready to step up to the challenges we set him!

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